Nie wiem co to forma ciągła...xD

I always get up at 7 o clock and I go to the kitchen. I eat breakfast there. At 7:15 I brush my teeth and I wash the face. I go to school at 7:30. I have a lessons. At 14:30 I finish my lesson and I go to shop. At 15:30 I am back home, and then I eat soup with vegetables. At 16:30 I do my homework. It always make me bored. At 18:10 I play computer. Sometimes I still do my homework. At 20:30 I'm wathing the news in TV. Aftret that I eat a pancakes with a jam. I love it! I get shower at 21 o clock. At 22 pm I go to sleep.
I get up at 6 o clock. i have breakfast at 6.20. i go to school at 8. i have lunch at 12 o clock.i do my homework at 4. in de ewening, at 6 ,i have dinner. next i watch tv. my favourite programn start 10.i go to bed at 11, but i read buks until 12.