Zadanie polega na tym, że trzeba napisać list nieformalny (minimum 150 słów) do przyjaciela, lecz trzeba uwzględnić w nim pewne rzeczy. Oto treść zadania:

You are (Daniel's friend) Amy or Ryan. Your grandmother is ill so you have gone to her home with your parents. Write a friendly letter to Daniel. Remember to lay out your letter correctly and to start and end in a friendli manner. Include this information:

*explain where you are and why.
*ask about his exams.
*say you are looking forward to the holiday and explain what preparations you have made.
*give him some news about another friend.
*tell him how he can contact you while you are at your grandmother's home.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Daniel,
How are you? You haven't written for so long that I've decided to write a short letter to find out what's going on. I am currently staying at my grandmother's house. She is ill and I decided to help her a little. I do the shopping for her, cook something to eat and, what is the most important for her, I sit and talk to her.
I was wondering how your final exams are. Last time you wrote, you said that you would be taking them at the end of May. I hope that everything went right and you passed them with flying colours (idiom: zdać celująco)! You must write to me and tell how was it.
The end of the school term is coming and that's why I started preparing myself for holiday. As you already know I going to England for a language course and therefore I started improving my English. I read a lot in English and I found an English-speaking friend on a chat and we talk almost every day. Her name's Alice and I hope we will meet when I come to England.
You'll never guess what happened to Luke! He went hiking last month and he fell off a cliff and broke his leg. Fortunately it wasn't very high. He could have killed himself. I visited him in a hospital a few times and brought him some books to read. Now he is at home but he still can't walk. You should write an e-mail to him, it will cheer him up!
I have to finish now because I am meeting Alice online in a few minutes. You can contact me through the internet because I am not staying at home, and I won't be able to collect any letters. I am looking forward to your e-mail.
Best wishes,
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