You wand to enter an,,I look Like My Dog" competition. Choose a photo from the article and write a short text. Describle:
-the owner and the dog,
-how they are similar or diffrent,
-what you think they like doing.
chodzi tu konkretnie o podobieństwa w cechach charakteru i czesciowo wygladu mnie i psa , co lubimy razem robić,
najlepiej rzeby był to pies który lubi biegac, jest energiczny,
Potrzebuje to na środe... <PILNE>



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite animal is dog.My dog call ........(imię psa).I like dogs because it's
faithful and clever.My dog is very friendly.He has got black-white fur with brown
full stops.He has got big fair eyes and small ears.He like play with me.We enjoy play ball. He is active and he can run very fast. ..............(imię psa)very well swim.I can swim and run very well too.
In my opinion dogs are the best animals in the world.