Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: Hi guys!

K: Hi Adrian, how are you?

A: Thank's I am fine, what about you?

K: Good, but I'm angry.

T: For what?

K: I don't like girls!

A: Heh, But why?

K: Yesterday Ania, takes a my new pencil and every funny things from my rucksack. She is thinkink, she can take every what she want!

A: But she is a girl, and she can.

K: No! Why? she can take everything what she want?

A: Yes, I think Ania is very nice, I think this is not a big porblem a girls always take something form my rucksack and this is not a problem for me.

T: Look! Karol, In my opinion they can't take everything and alweys but this is not a big problem, talk to her and maybye she give it back, but if she didn't, just turn your body and go awey. Adrian is getting right! She is a girl but you have to talk whit her!

K: OK, OK, I will but now i Have to go! Bye, Bye.!

A: Bye.

T: Bye!

T:- Tomek.
A:- Adrian.
K:- Karol.