Napisz jakąś historię o duchach (może byc zmyślona )w tym może się znaleźc:
-when did the story happen?
-where did it happen?
-what were the ghost doing ?
-who was the ghost?
-why was the ghost there?
proszę o szybką odpowiedź, to bardzo pilne :D
z góry dziękuję!



This story was happened in old castle in Mexik. This was one hundred years ago. In castle was terrible ghost who liked scared all.
He expeled everyone who wanted get in castle.
He maked a splash. This castle was him home in record. Ghost supervised him place.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I usually went to my grandparents on holiday. there always is great, but last summer it was very unusually. I met a ghost!

It heppened in forest near my grandparents' house. I was walking when i heard quiet sounds. Then i went there. Suddenly I saw a ghost. It was a man. He was sitting on the tree. I went to him. We was talking all the time. I asked him: "What are you doing here" and he told me: "I travel on the world, I love doing this" The ghost was very funny and talkative. When he lived, he was famous writer. After that he told me his poems. They were beautiful. We were having great time.

In the evening I was going home. The next day I did not meet him. I was happy, becouse he could meet all world. It was ma best holiday!