Choose the correct words .

What were you doing when the lightning(1)..... you?
I was playing football with my dad . (2)..... thunder, and a strom was moving near us, but (3).... any clouds above us.
What(4).... do when it hit you?
I (5)..... anything. I (6)..... a very bright light and when I woke up, I was 20 metres from the football pitch. I (7).... this T shirt.
That was five years (8).... Now you email other survivors. (9)... all of the people outdoors when the lighning struck them?
No, some were indoors. Two people(10)... on the phone. That's quite common , so don't use the pgone when there's a storm!!

A / B / C
1 was hitting / hit / did hit
2 There was / There were / It was
3 there were / were / there weren't
4 was you / did you / you did
5 wasn't do / did / didn't do
6 was seeing / saw / did see
7 wore / did wear / was wearing
8 ago / during / for
9 Were / Was / Were there
10 was speaking / spoke / were speaking

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
2.There was
3.there weren`t
4.did you
5.didn`t do
7.was wearing
10.were speaking