PILNE NA JUTRO - moglibyście sprawdzić mi pracę? miałam napisać opowiadanie w którym bohater(-ka) przeżywa jakąś katastrofę naturalną...

Laura always wanted to spend holidays in a small village and now she was finally there. She lived with her grandparents in a little cottage made from wood. In their village there wasn't good electricity but people didn't had any problems with light.
Laura was happy because the weather there was quite good. She could spend all of her free time outdoor. Unfortunately on the third day the sky turned grey and then it began to rain heavily. Laura was in the garden and she went inside the house. After two hours she saw a lightning outside and few seconds later she heard a loud noise and grandfather's shout. Cottage started to burn! Laura was frightened and she didn't know what happened. She was scared to death. And out of nowhere someone extinguished the fire. Young man entered the house and took Laura out of the cottage.
On the next day grandparents they told Laura what happened. Lightning struck the power line which fell on the cottage and led to fire. There was a terrible expierence and she relieved to be alive.



On the next day grandparents they told "Laurze" (...) - nie laurze tylko ,,
On the next day grandparents they told Laura .

Young man entered the house and took "Laurę" out of the cottage. - LAURA a nie laurę

Reszta jest OK.
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