Leonardo Da Vinci picture titled "The Last Supper" painting is a wall located in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. The artwork was created in the years 1495-1498 to order Duke Lodovico Sforza of Milan.
This image shows the apostles with Jesus at the Last Supper. Author captures a moment in which Jesus tells the disciples that one of them would betray him. This can be inferred by the presence of stray hand holding a knife to be a symbol of betrayal. At an incredible picture surprising symmetry expressed the depth of the image space. On the paintings are thirteen characters. At issue is the gender of one of them, because the image they see is all the apostles of Jesus, and the figure on the left of Jesus is more like a woman - Magdalene than Marie Saint. Peter, who was to be found in the image. You can also see the lack of a cup of Jesus, which is all they drink wine, as it shows the twelve apostles, chalices, which demonstrate that the painting was based on the gospel of St. John, who did not mention the establishment of the Eucharist.
The image can be divided into two plans: the first are apostles of Jesus, all in brightly colored robes dignified, deep in conversation sitting at a table. I think that the artist deliberately placed all on the one hand, to show the faces of characters appearing in the picture. In the background you can see the room in which the action happening. The walls and ceiling are pale shades. At the end of the room with three windows overlooking the Ogrójec.
I think that the work of Leonardo Da Vinci hold many secrets, which can not be seen immediately. These include a strange and controversial than Jesus as the right, which confusingly similar to a woman. It may be noted that the contours of these two characters form The letter M which according to experts was deliberate intent was a painter and emphasize the relationship between these two figures. This picture because I think it is fascinating beyond the perfectly chosen colors and proportions artist added his own thoughts to the picture. The painting is confirmed only genius can Vinciego and encourages exploring his other works.

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