I must clean my room.
I must amout garbage.
I must feed my pets.
I must do my homework.
I must help my parents in different home activities.
I must look after my younger sister(or brother)
I must have a shower
I must guard the food so that it isn't burnt
I must watch TV.
I must bring firewood

I mustn't long to watch TV
I musn't bring friends.
I mustn't alone cook.
I mustn't long to play computer games.
I mustn't be alone in my house
I mustn't learn in night
I mustn't go to bed late
I mustn't eat sweets
I mustn't play loud
I mustn't watch films for adult
9 4 9
I must :

1. I must go to school.
2. I must listen to my parents.
3. I must listen to the teachers in the school.
4. I must write subject on the lessons.
5. I must be cultural.
6. I must be polite on the school.
7. I must be kind (on the school too).
8. I must be Manageable to my parents.
9. I must be Labor on the school.
10.I must learn .

I mustn't :

1. I mustn't use phone on lessons.
2. I mustn't carry evil to the teachers.
3. I mustn't beat with students on the school.
4. I mustn't not teach.
5. I mustn't be naughty.
6. I mustn't be Aggressive.
7. I mustn't be lazy.
8. I mustn't be not cultural on the school.
9. I mustn't listen to music on the lessons.
10. I mustn't be not polite.

liczę na naj odp ;)))
11 4 11
I must eata dinner.
I must watch tv
I must play computer games.
I must do a homework
I must read a book
I must surf the internet.
........ watch DVD's
........ sleep
........ sitting
I mustn't playing football
........... running by the house.
destroy house :P
jump on the sofa
listen to loud music.
destroing household equipment
household to beat
making noise
4 3 4