Bardzo prosze o pomoc w zadaniu domowym. Polecenie brzmi: Work in pairs. Arrange things to do this weekend, e.g. go to the cinema rent a DVD go shopping. Use I prefer and I'd rather.
A: what would you like to do on friday night? Would you like to go out or watch TV at home
B: I'd rather go out because i perfect going to the cinema to wathing TV

Prosze o zrobienie takiego dialogu daje 55 pkt. pozdrawiam i dziękuje ;)



A : What would you like to do on saturday nigth.? Would you like to go to shopping or stay at home .?
B : . I'r rather go out beacouse I must buying new jeans . :)

To chyba bd dobrze . xd .
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A:What would you like to do this evening?Would you like to go to the cinema?
B:No, I rather go shopping becouse i get my pocket money and i want to spand it. :)
A: What would we do in this weekend?
B: Well, in the morning, we would go to the shopping. In the afternoon we would go to the Ania and there watch TV.
A: Well, I prefer go to the cinema than watch TV...
B: Ok, we would go to the cinema in the afternoon. In the evening we would to the swimmng pool.
A: Oh, it is good idea.
B: We would meet at half past 9 (9:30) in the shop, ok?
A: Ok, see you!
B: Bye
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