DAM NAJLEPSZA ;D Napisac DIALOG 2OSOBOWY używając podanych informacji :) jak najszybciej

PLACE:Aqarium WHERE:Seaview Avenue HOW YOU CAN GET THERE:Entrance costs 5euros. Children under 14 are half price Opens-9a.m Closes-7p.m ; closed every Wednesday. There are no Karaoke bars . Take a taxi.

PLACE:Funfair WHERE:South Promenade HOW YOU CAN GET THERE:Entrance is free. On foot . Turn...



Adam: monica, where you want to go today ?
monica: well, I was thinking about aquarium, what do you think about it ?
adam: that seems to be a good idea, where is it ?
monica: It's on the Seaview Avenue and the entrace costs 5 euros.
adam: i guess we could take my little sister.
monica: of course you can, children under 14 are half price.
adam: that's great, do you know at what time it closes ?
monica: as far as I know it opens at 9.am and closes at 7.pm so we have plenty of time, however it is closed every Wednesday, fortunately it's Monday today.
adam: ok, so how we can get there?
monica: i thought we could take a taxi.