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Last Saturday I went to the swimming pool in (wpisz miasto na którym byłeś/aś na basenie). After swim I had a pizza with my parents. It was delicious. When we came back to home, I were playing computer games. In afternoon I met with my friends. Then we went to my friend's house and ate a lot of tasty but unhealthy food. When I back home, I did my homework and go sleep. Wyszło jakieś 70 słów ;) liczę na najlepszą :"D
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Last Saturday, I woke up at 09:30, and few minutes later I went down to eat breakfast. When I finished , it was 9:43, so I still had a few minutes to take a shower and to prepare my stuff. At 10:15, I went to a bus station, and fortunately I wasn't late, because bus came two minutes after me. My friends were already waiting for me near the cinema. When bus stoped, I heard loud screams, and then I saw my friends - Ania, Asia, Kasia and Basia . Just like always they were making fun of people around. When Basia saw me, suddenly all of them started to run and scream to me. Because of the noise and speed, I didn't notice that Asia actually jumped on me, and both of us fall over. That was pretty crazy, but after we had a lot of fun in the cinema. We were the only people that weren't watching move at all, so in the middle we went out and we just hang out for five more hours. When I came back to home, I was extremely tired, and I fall aslep in my armchair.
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