Write sentences about these things.

Przykład :

a disturbing article your read

I read an article about tigers. It was distrubing because people still hunt them .


1. a powerful film u saw
2. a spontaneous thing u did
3. a dramatic moment you remember
4. a colourful picture you saw
5. a romantic thing you did



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I saw a film in cinema. It was powerful because there was lot of action
2. I saw a spontaneius sculpture. It was spontaneius because it was very beauiful.
3. I remember a dramatic moment in my life. It was dramatic because someone from my family died.
4. I saw a picture i the museum. It was very colourful
5. I did a romantic thing. It was very nice.
1. I saw a powerful film yesterday evening. I was scared because a few people were murdered.
2. I jumped on the bungee once. It was very exciting.
3. I woke up at night and I saw a big spider near my face. I screamed loudly, because I was frightened.
4. I daw a beautiful colorful picture once. It was so pretty, so I decided to paint the same.
5. I sometimes light up a few candles in my room and I am dreaming about my knight from the fairytale.