I'm going to go to the seaside with my friends in the summer. We will get to Leba by a train as it's the cheapest means of transport. We will live in tents. I have already booked the place where we could pitch it. During the day I'll be lying on the beach among my friends. I'll be sunbathing so when I come back I'll have great tan. I also like swimming in the sea. I propobly will try some water sports like surfing. I have never done it before so it will be great experience. I'm good swimmer so it's impossible for me to drown. After the dark I will be going to the discos with my friends. We will be dancing all the night. I hope the weather will be nice.

pitch - rozbić (namiot)
tun - opalenizna
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During my holiday I spent a few weeks in Western Australia,
visiting some great places. Over 4 days I discovered Shark

At Hamelin Homestead you will see a sign on the left for the
stromatolites, and the Old Telegraph Station. I suggest you visit the
Telegraph Station first to receive the important, interesting
explanation about the earth's oldest living fossils, stromatolites.
Without the explanation you could be very disappointed when you see the
stromatolites. Their view is nothing exceptional. They
are exceptional by what they represent : the earth's oldest living
fossils. The Old Telegraph Station is an interesting part of this
regions' history too.

But it is not end of my holiday.
I olso bummed around France... did some weird things there, and played with some friends of mine. I've brought some of the things.
But Western Australia is much more worth seeing!
Now I'm ready to work!
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