Opis swoich wakacji (ok. 10-15 zdań)
Opis ma być w formie listu, i ma zawierać:
-czas pobytu;
-u kogo nocowałem;
-co zwiedziłem;
-co robiłem;
+ jeszcze coś od siebie :)
Oczywiście opis w czasie przeszłym i w rodzaju męskim.



During the holidays some people go on vacation, others are resting at home. I shared the fate of the latter on the grounds that the school year was extremely comprehensive. Despite the fact that traveling is not nice to spent summer holidays. Summer time was passing me by reading books, meilowaniu, listening to music, day excursions to the water. Thanks przyjaciółkom met many wonderful moments of carefree osób.Niestety finished. Rested, the serenity of going back to school. With pleasure I wake up wonderful memories. Right now I can not wait for the next holidays and surprises waiting for me.
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