Hello. May I find here the supervisor of that project
Yes, Mrs Kate Johnson is working in her office.
Ok, Thank you very much
Good morning!

Good morning!

My name is Peter Gudder. I'm here due to the project made by our companies.

Yes, I remember that my boss noticed me about our randez-vous.
So, what are the general ideas of that thing.

We want to make people mind open on the too much sofisticated salaries of the people connected with ecology. They are wasting their time proposing different statements, byt their accounts are getting bigger and bigger.

Ok. That is a great plan. You should make all of the copies to take it into consideration during next week.

Thank you very much. Good bye!

Good bye! See you ext week...

1. Hello
2. Good afternoon
1. Is this Pizzeria Millano?
2. Yes it is. Would you like to make an order?
1. Yes. I would like 1 pepperoni pizza, 1 lasagne and 1 tomato salad.
2. I'm sorry but the tomato salad is no longer available in our restaurant.
1. Then I would like to order another salad. What do you have?
2. I must recoment the cucumber salad. It' delicious. How about it?
1. It's OK.
2. So: 1 pepperoni pizza, 1 lasagne and 1 cucumber salad, right?
1. Yes it's correct.
2. What's your telephone number?
1. 123456789
2. And what is your address?
1. Wojska polskiego 124
2. We will deliver your order in 30 minutes.
1. Thank you.
2. You are welcome. Goodbye,
1 Goodbye