Hi Michael!

How are you? I'm writing to you, because I need to tell you something about my little accident which happened to me.
It was one week ago. I went with my boyfriend on the seaside for a weekend. We passed through the towns and when we were in Cavan we decided to stop and get a little break. It happened when I was reading the book and before we got to the restaurant. Suddenly a small dog jumped on the road. Peter didn't manage to brake and we knocked him down. Consequently we had to pay the dog's owner for that situation. It was ok for us. After that I was crying all the time and I couldn't sleep at night. It wasn't easy to forget. I still have it on my mind.

I'd like to tell you that I hope it'll never happen to you. So, please be careful on the road and drive your car carefully.

I'm waiting for your answer.

Take care
Yesterday evening a burglar broke into a house at 13 , Elem Street .
He climbed trought the window into the sitting room. The owner of the house , Mrs Robinson , was at home when the burglar saw her , he tied her to a chair . He stole some valuable jewels and wun away throught the window. Mrs Brown , the Robinson` neightbour , was at the window of her house when she suddenly
saw the thief. She telephoned the plice at once. At the same time Mrs Robinson come back nand found hies wife tied to the chair. He also telephoned the police. Detectives started the invistigation and found some clue , and fingerprints an took them. The detectives questioned the witnes and found the burglar. Detectives fallowed the thief , cought him and arated him.
The thief sried and the police officer were happy .