A: Hello, what's the matter?
B: Good morning. I have a terrible ache in my lower back.
A: How long has your back been bothering you?
B: I've been having pain for about the last two weeks.
A: Do you have any history of back problems?
B: No, this is the first time.
A: Are you taking any medicine at the moment?
B: No, just an aspirin from time to time to kill the pain.
A: OK. Let's have a look at your back. Please take off your shirt ...
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A:Hello,What's the matter?
B:I feel really bad. I have a runny nose and I cough a lot.
A:How long have you been feeling like that?
B:For two or three days.
A:Do you have a temperature?
B:I don't think so.
A:Sore throat?
B:Yes,a bit.
A:Open your mouth, please.Good.It's just a bad cold.You need to stay in bed for a couple of days.. Are you taking any medicine at the moment?
B:Only aspirin.
A:Good. Drink a lot and keep warm.Take a lot of vitamin C. You'll be as rain in a couple of days.
B: Thank you, doctor.:P

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