My favourite film is ..... . It's fantasic. I very like it, because ...... . I could watch it all the time. My sister like it,too . We're going this film to the cinema .
mam nadzieję że dasz sobie dalej radę.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
.Ja mam tylko 11 >:O
My favourite tv programme is the Mexican series ,Rebelde.I like Rebelde because the stories in the programme are great.I also think that it's funny and very exciting soap opera.Rebelde is on a TV4.
In the series group of six young people who set up a band. The are a rock music. My favourite song is No Pares, because it is great. My favourite character is Mia Colluci because of her nice charakter and perfect voice.
In my opinion rebelde is the best soap opera ever.