My room is not very big but it is very nice.the walls in my room are green.there is a bed next to the wall.i have two chairs.there is a desk next to the window.on the desk there is a computer.above my bed there is a poster michael jackson-my favourite singer.there is a blue carpet on the floor and i have two lamps-one big and one smalll.my roller and my balls are in a big plastic box opposite my bookshelf.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My family is big. My mum Krystyna (imie twojej mamy) is 30 years old. My dad Tomek is 33 years old. I have got one brother, and sister. Brother name is Maciek, and my sister name is Ola. I like petts. I have very small cat. It is beautiful. My cousin has got a snake. This snake is horrible. I like swim and play rugby. I can speak English and Spanish. I love walk and ride a bike. My house is very big. The house has got eight rooms, two bathrooms and kitchen.