Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I've had my best friend since the primary school.Her name is Katy.She is at the same age like me.She goes to the second class of secondary school.Unfortunately we aren't in the same class,but it doesn't change the fact we make friends.
Katy usually gets up at 6,00 o'clock.She dresses up and has a breakfast at 6,15.She goes to the bus station 10 minutes later.She gets to school by bus.Her classes starts at 8 o'clock.Katy ends her lessons at 3 o'clock.When she gets home,she eats a dinner and after that she does her homework.In the evening we go to the gym to play basketball.
She thinks she has great life,and she loves it.No wonder Katy has a nice family and many friends.
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My friend it Marta. She like Reading horse, in skating, swimming and dance hip-hop.

Get up in the morning end go in school. In school together is teach. Past school go in home end help parentez. Late go sleep because is teach. She is very good school-girl end help me sometimes.

She like such life.