Proszę was o pomoc w opisaniu jakiegoś budynku po angielsku.
Wiem, że jest tutaj już jedna taka praca, tylko że oddał ją kolega z klasy, który z resztą powiedział mi o tej stronie.
Ma być to opis jakiegoś znanego budynku.. napisany w bardzo prosty sposób[ nie należę do najlepszych z angielskiego] ;D




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mam nadzieje ze bedziesz miał dobrze ;))
Big Ben

The construction of this neo-Gothic tower was taken immediately after a significant part of the Palace burned down October 16, 1834 year. Preserved only 900-year-old Westminster Hall and Chapel of the Holy. Stephen. Designers who included Charles Barry and his assistant Augustus W. Pugin. Reconstruction lasted until 1858. In its present form the palace has 1,200 rooms and three kilometers of corridors. Refrigerant hoses tower stood on the thick foundation of 15 m². Is 96.3 m in height, and the shield clock is 5 meters in diameter.The tower spiral staircase leads of up 334 degrees.

Ciekawostki od noście budynku/Interest from carriers of the building

Big Ben clock in its history, was only 5 failures relating to the appointment time:
* In 1949 the clock was delayed by 41 minutes after the flock of birds sat on the advice showing the minutes.
* In 1962 in the New Years Eve late by 10 minutes.
* In 1972 years occurred first and the only fault on the metal part of the mechanism responsible for the impact of the bells. Big Ben silent since 5 August 1975 to 9 May 1977.
* 1997 April 30 clock stopped.
* In 2005 the 27 May. 22:07 clock stopped ticking, and had walked for 90 minutes.