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Millenary circle in district in london call millennium diabolic grinding mill also ( ) – circle observational ( ) finding (be placed) Wheel Lambeth, on midday (southern) coast of thames, westminster between bridges and Hungerford. It has been designed by david Marksa, Julię Barfield, Malcolma Cooka, marek (mark; mark) Sparrowhawka, Stevena Chiltona and Nica Baileya. Circle has height 135 meters, but it lasts full turn 40 minutes near. Air-conditioned passenger capsules be placed on circle 32. Small speed of linear this box ( ok. It allows taking hold of 0,9 km /h ) and landing of passenger without detaining (halting; stopping) circle. There is one of three building built in london from opening of new millennium ( remaining millennium London Eye The Dome and millennium ) The Footbridge. Circle was built sections, they were transported which (who) river of thames part < frequent >. It has performed opening premieres (prime ministers) tones (tonnes) day 31 december 1999 year Blair, but circle did not work for march 2000 year.
From initiative emerged < emerge > sloane sir Hansa, physician, przyrodnika and collector. He (it) wanted to indemnify collection of literature and over 71 work of arts thousand objects counting. So, sale has has emerged 20 thousand pounds king of jerzy II too Zaoferował. Although it did not exert monarch great interest packages sloane, however, it parliament, this gift has accepted behind case of arthur mainly Onslowa. Resolution has been accepted first about creation of british museum in (to) 7 june 1753 headquarters (seat) be estate siedemnastowieczna Montague House Bloomsbury, near today's building. Opening for with exception of period of both (both of; both; both of) world war of museum open touring follow (step) 15 january 1759 remain incessantly, but number grew touring systematically thousand a year from 5 on start for 5 million presently. In lats (summers; years) 50. Present headquarters of (seat of) british museum has been built XIX w.. Transmitting of (rescheduling of) package has followed (has stepped) from 1880 for new building in (to) begining concerning history natural South Kensington, where museum of natural history has has emerged . Due to distribution, as well as structure of white wing ( ang. ) White Wing, At least problem of lack of place has been prevented on some (certain) time on exhibition articles, which (who) museum wrestles with (from) for today. By that reason many exhibition articles are in underground of museums stored. It has followed (has stepped) in (to) 1973 agog < take-over > reading-room < readable > and libraries at british museum by recently british library emerged < emerge >, but books in (to) in (to) 1997 in (to) 2000 leave building open covered glass roof great courtyard queen elizabeth II ( Bloomsbury ang. II ) The Queen Elizabeth Great Court, which (who) has emerged has been design in place occupied (dealt with) by library by english architect earlier ( glass roof ) Normana Fostera. There it open reading-room Ponowie, but around she (it) and new galleries be placed under her (it). British museum has added splendor in (to) 2003 250. Anniversary of revolt renovation of oldest accommodation, called library of king ( ang. ) King's Library, New constant (solid) exhibition has been opened in which (who) about epoch of enlightenment. There is director of museum from 2002 Neil MacGregor.