1 they haven t bulit this bridge yet
2 my wife hasn t cooked dinner yet
3 lastly susan has bought a beautiful fur for her
4 we have known each other for a year
5somebody has stolen my purse
6 ania hasn t cleaned this carpet yet
7they have had this dog for seven months
8 has he ever tasted the lasagne
9in the last time their friend from company has had an accident
10our cousin has become very conceited
11have you fed pigs, ducks,gooses yet??
12 tower s clock has just chimed 5 o clock.
13.I have found his telephone number.
14.She has closed the door.
15.It has started raining.
16.Someone has taken my bag.
17.They have changed their plans.

Myślę że moja zdania będą uznane za najlepsze ;)
2 1 2
1. Hs just finished his homework.
2. We've already had lunch.
3. The teacher hasn't given the test papers back yet.
4. Have you been to the new swimming pool yet?
5. Have you ever be abroad?
6. My mother has never tried Chinese food.
7. My parents have lived here since 1987.
8. We have been at this school year for two years.
9. I haven't start work yet.
10. I've just come from the canteen.
11. Johny's already checked it.
12. Have you already grilled the tomatoes?
13. Have you just finished?
14. Have you checked the camping equipment yet?
15. Have you burnt the toast?
16. You've already made the tea.
17. He's already fried the sausages.
18. I've just boiled some eggs.
19. I've played sport for my school.

Wystarczy 19?
3 3 3
1.I have already seen this film.
2.I have just took an exam.
3.I haven't done this exercise yet.
4.I have already opened the book.
5.I have just spoken with my mum.
6.I haven't become fashion designer yet.
7.She has just bought this magazine.
8.He has already drunk the tea.
9.She hasn't had any typical toys yet.
10.They have already been at my house.
11.They haven't been at school today.
12.They haven't live here since 1899.
13.They have iust sold this house.
2 1 2