Porzebuje po 5 zdan do kazdego pytania. To jest bardzo ważne.Życie mi to uratujee :)
1)Give the advantages of commercials.
2)give the Disadvantage
3)Describe an advert that you like.
4)Describe an advert that gets oan your nerces.



1. Advertisements sometimes are useful. From them we can a lot to know. What prices are in given shops, credit with the interest, price given to the thing. For us it can help what we are supposed to invest, in what products are worth our attention.
2. Sometimes advertisements are irritating us. There is a break in the course of the film suddenly on not. We are fed up with examining it in circles alone.
3. My favourite advertisement is a network "36.6". It is funny and they have excellent promotions. The Turbonynamomen form invented by them is phenomenal. Terribly I like him!
4. By it I hate advertisements networks "Plus". Terribly they are irritating me and they are annoying. What they there are chatting about in generally doesn't make sense. It is hopeless. Terribly I don't like it.