Opis pokoju po angielsku... to jest mój poprawcie lub dajcie jakiś nowy ;) z góry dzięki ;d;d My bedroom is great! It's a big and there is a lot of furniture in it I've got a bed, a desk,a bookcase, a chair, a wardrobe, a carpet a cupboard a lamp and two posters. The bed is under window. My desk is under two posters... pomóżcie najlepiuej gdybyście dali jakiś noey



My chamber (peace) is great. Beguile furniture in it great, bed collate tv set and it collate cases, I hold books in (to) shelf and my favorite things. Bed is opposite tv set, it finds circle of array of case . Furniture great or desk and they are on computer opposite entrance (entry) upright. Never I would convert (would exchange; would turn into) my chamber (peace) on other!
My room is huge, a lot of pieces of furniture are in him and posters. Have large window near which desk stands and several posters hang.sie after second side finds small little bookcase and soon near her chair on which to read lubie very.Sie in my room finds also large carpet and cupboard on which small lamp stands.