Zamień na mowe zależną are you tom asked jane
2. can you lend me 5 zł bob asked linda
3 what was he exam like julia asked sam
4. can I use your ruler he asked me
5.what's your favorite subject
6 . give me your dictonary,please she said to me
7. don't eat in the classroom teacher said to us
8. stop arguing , i'm tired she told to ann
9. you should make a plan before you start writing your essay tom said to lan



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Tom asked jane how was she.
2.Bob asked linda if she could lend him 5 zł.
3. Julia asked sam like what the exam had been.
4.He asked me if he could use my ruler
6. She asked me to give her dictionary
7. Teacher said to us not to eat in the clasroom
8. She told to ann to stop arguing, she was tired