Nie wiedziałam, jaka objętość. Mam nadzieję, że wystarczy.

It was nighttimes. I was very hungry so i decided to go out and hunt. When i was flying through the clouds, i saw a person standing near the forest, right under me. It was an easy victim, so i started to land. I hided behind the trees and i started watching it. There was a little girl, just kid. Kids are the most tasty dish, and they can't run quickly (of course i'm very fast and i can catch anyone, but i don't like to overexert myself). I went to her. When she noticed me, she didn't make any move. That was weird, beacouse mainly people are scared of my white skin, big teeth and all those vampire things. This kid was just looking at me.
- Good evening, sir - said little girl.
- Hm. Good evening - answered i, beacouse i was kind of surprised.
- Are you a vampire? This famous Vlad Dracula?
- Erm... yeah.
- Cool! I was waiting for you.
"No way" - though i. - "She got to be kidding me! Is it a trap?"
- We wanted to ask you for not to killing our friends.
- Aren't you scared? - asked i.
- Not really. You look sympathic. So, will you stop?
- Doh, no! - I was really getting nervous! What were they thinking?! - i'll die without drinking blood!
- but you're already dead. Anyway, you can drink animal's blood, can't you?
- Well... hm. i didn't think about that. That's a good idea.
And from that moment Dracula was a vegetarian vampire, he drunk only animal's blood. He made some friends in the nearly city and he lived happily ever after.