Zaznacz które zdanie jest poprawnie zbudowane, te które jest źle skonstruowane popraw:
1. Where you usually go on holiday?
2. Haven't you done the homework?
3. Who is Jack going out with ?
4. What did happen at the meeting yesterday?
5. How much far is it to the station?
6.How many people did come to your party?
7. Whose Jacket did you borrow for the medding?
8. Why James is driving your car ?
9 Excuse me. Can you tell me where are the toilets?



1.Where do you usually go on holidays?
4.What happened at the meeting yesterday
5.How far is the station
7.Whose jacket did you borrow for the wedding
8.Why is James driving your car
9.Exuse me . Can you tell me where the toilets are
4 3 4
1. good
2. good
3. Who with jack going out?
4. what did at the meeting happened yesterday?
5. how far is it to the station?
6. good
7. whose did you borrow jacket for the medding?
8. good
9. good
2 1 2