Ask suitable questions with can or could.
Np. You want to borrow your mum's car.
Rozwiązanie: Can I borrow your car, Mum?
1) You are at work and you want to ask your boss for permission to leave early.
2) You are at your best friend's house and you want to use the phone.
3) You call the waiter at an expensive restaurant because you want to see the menu.
4) You are in class at your school/college and you want permission to leave the room.
5) You want your dad's permission to go to the disco on Saturday.



1) Could I leave early?
2) Can I use the phone?
3) Could I see the menu?
4) Could I leave the room?
5) Can I go to the disco, dad?
1 5 1
1. Boss, can I leave earlier today?
2. Excuse me, can I use the phone?
3. Waiter, I'd like the menu to the table.
4. Excuse me if I could leave the class?
5. Daddy, is a disco on a Saturday, I could go on it?
1) Can I leave the work early?
2) Can I use your phone?
3) Can I see the menu?
4) Could I go out?
5) Could I go to the disco, dady?