My best friend has name Paulina. She is small, slim person. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She is very nice, talkative and helpful. She is very warm and friendly too. I would not change anything in her. She is amazing girl. Always she knows what she should do. She never offend other people. However, sometimes, she is very explosive. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Definitely, Paulina has more advantages than disadvantages. I and other people like her very much.
My friend Kate is funny and nice. Often she is jolly and resourceful. I don't like when she is shy. When she talk with any boy Kate is red ! Sometimes she is intolerable and nervous. I hate it. For example when she don't have any idea she cry and scream. This isn't funny. In generally she like helping people. She has good heart. I like when Kate laugh and she has smile on face. I like her because I need good friand.