Desk-a kind of table for work in a school,office,etc.
flood-a very large amount of rain or water from a river,etc, that covers a place
junk food- food such as hamburgers and chips,sweets,etc. that is not healthy because it contains a lot of fat or sugar
mansion-a large expensive house
orphan-a child whose parents are dead
scarf-a piece of clothing you wear over your head or round your shoulders
Lip Gloss - to spread to the gleaming paragraph or paragraphs to conservation.
Crayon - used for painting and coloring pictures
Lamp - serves to illuminate the room.
Screwdriver - Used for screw connections to the boards, and other things.
The computer - used to play on it, or browse interntu
Scissors - used paper cutting or clipping nails.
Umbrella - to protect against zmoknięciem in the rain.
Chair - to seat

BŁYSZCZYK - służy do smarowania ust aby się błyszczały lub do ochrony ust.
Kredka - służy do malowania i kolorowania rysunków
Lampa - służy do oświetlania pomieszczeń.
Śrubokręt - Służy do wkręcania śrub do desek i innych rzeczy .
Komputer - służy do gry na nim lub przeglądania interntu
Nożyczki - służą do cięcia papieru lub obcinania paznokci .
Parasol - służy do ochrony przed zmoknięciem w czasie deszczu .
Krzesło - służy do siedzenia

A Friend is person who always can talk with you.
A phone is a thing which you use to communicate.
A church is a place where you go to pray.
A wallet is a thing where you wear money
A bed is a thing where you can sleep
A Teacher is a person who has strong nerw