This year I spent my first week of holiday with my grandma, then I was gone to Dziwnowka. During 2 weeks I met a lot of interest and nice people. I liked them very much. We all stayed in camp houses. Every morning we were gone on the beach to take sunbath and later we spent time in the city. At evening there were disco, where I had a great time. we were also on the trip in Miedzyzdroje, where we walk by Boulevard of star. The end of July I was back and the rest of my holiday I spent at home, spending time with my friends. We all together were traveling on variously trips, or if there wasn't good wheather I watched TV or played on computer. Sometimes I was bored, but that was just for a little moment. That's, how holiday have passed me in this year
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Na plaży jest bardzo ciepło. Woda nadaje się do pływania. Jest tam dużo ludzi w strojach kąpielowych. Każdy chce się dobrze bawić. Nie wszyscy się kąpią, niektórzy się opalają, lub robią coś innego. Jest duże słońce więc na pewno jest tam fajnie. Plaża zawsze jest fajna.
The beach is very warm. Water suitable for swimming. There are a lot of people in bathing costumes. Everyone wants to have fun. Not all of the swim, and some are tan, or do something else. The sun is so large there is certainly good. Beach is always fun.
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This is beatyful beach. In this photo people is the very happy. Water is the light blue and dark blue. This day is very sunny it's the best day! Sandcastle is great! In beach people is the happy and they funnier. This photo is beautyfull!!
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