Complete the passage putting the verbs in brackets in the correct tense: past simple or past continuous :

Last summer I .....(go) to stay with a friedd in Socotland . Her family lives in a very old house next to a like . One evening , while my frend .... (talk) on the phome and her parents ... (watch) television ,I ...(decide) to go for a walk around the lake , I ...(walk) down the srairs from my room when I ...(see) a girl in a long , white dress. She ....(carry) an old lamp and she ...(sing) quietly . I (smile) at her and ....(say) 'Hello' , but she (walk) past my quietly .



is talking
are watching
am walking
is walking
2 3 2
1. went
2. was talking
3. were watching
4. I decided
5. was walking
6. saw
7. was carrying
8. was singing
9. smiled
10. said
11. walked
- Inferno
PS Pamiętaj o schemacie - While sth was happening (past cont.), sth happened (past simple). Got it? tzn. Kiedy coś się DZIAŁO (past cont.), coś się STAŁO (past simple). W razie czego chętnie wytłumaczę na PW.
PPS Przerażające błędy ortograficzne! x(

1 5 1
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Last summer I went to stay with a friend in Scotland. Her family lives in a very old house next to a like. One evening, while my friend was talking on the phone and her parents were watching television I decided to go for a walk around the lake. I was walking down the stairs from my room when I saw a girl in a long, white dress. She was carrying an old lamp and she was singing quietly. I smiled at her and said 'Hello' , but she walked past my quietly.
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