Zad 1
1. My parents are fair with me and my sister.
2. Jacek's sister (...) because she's more mature.
3. Do you think that you are a tolerant person?
4. Can you (...) I want to feel secure at night
5. My mother is very emotional.
6. Chris is a reliable student

zad 2(poprawne napisalam)
1. intolerant
2. mature
3. insecure
4. unemotional
5. fair
6. irresponsible

zad 3 (nie jestem pewna czy jest dobrze)
1. intolerant
2. responsible
3. insecure
4. immature
5. fair
6. reliable

zad 1
2. moving
3. peaceful
4. unusual
5. natural
6. disturbing
7. amusing
8. spontaneous
9. colorful
10. striking
11. dramatic
12. romantic

zad 1
1. your voice scream
2.your lips kiss
3. your eyes stare
4. your arms hug
5.your face frown
6.your body pose

zad 3.
When we finished our last exam we ran outside. Everyone were hugging and kissing. We were on holiday now. I thought the exam was easy but my bf was frowing. She was still doing the last question when the teacher sais stop.

zad 4
1. Why did you kissed him
2. Who were you staring at.
3. Why were Harry and Isabel laughing?
4. Where did you take these photos.
5. What did you do yesterday?
6. Why was she crying?
7. How were you feeleng at the time?
8. When did the war finish?

zad 5(nei jestem pewna wszystkich odp)
1. Who take the photo?
2. How many people go to the party?
3. Why did they pose?
4. What happen after the photo?
5. Why did you give the photo to a museum?
6. When did they find the owner of the photo?