Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Opisz swoj ulubiony sklep/ centrum handlowe. Napisz, gdzie sie znajduje, co mozna tam kupic i dlaczego lubisz tam przebywac .\

My favourite trade center is Galeria Dominikańska.
It is set on the (jakaś tam ulica) street. Just next to the roundabout. I like going there because there are many interesting shops and restaurants. I can go to the cinema with friends what I like most. You can find many opportunities and sales there. I also like going to Empik that is a very special bookshop. I recomend this trade center to everybody.
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A forum is my favourite shopping centre. He is finding sie they in koszalinie. I like there go for the shopping since there are many shops there very much. is the best shop bereshka I like this shop since there are clothes there wonderfully. I recommend everyone this shop. by the way it is possible go to the cinema.
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My favorite shop is definitely Empik, located in (...wpisz swój najbliższy...). All kinds of books and CDs can be bought over there. Empik always has all the latest bestsellers. I like shopping in Empik because of its quiet corners, where I can sit and read the books that interessed me for free. The fault of Empik is that their offer never includes the Nordic Mythology, the title I hunt for since last winter. But I can forgive Empik that, because all the libraries in my city didn't have it neither. Although Empik is quite popular, its always quiet inside.

- Inferno
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