Ask and answer the quiestions. 1) What's your favourite food? 2) What fast food do you like? 3) How often do you eat fast food? 4) How do you feel when you eat fast food? 5) Have you got a healthy diet? 6) Have you got a healthy lifestyle? Why? Why not?



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1) My favourite food is pizza
2) I like MC'Donald
3) I eat in fast food two times in a month
4) I don't feel so good because i know that isn't healthy
5) No, I don't have healthy diet, I eat all what my mother prepare
6) Yes, I've got healthy lifestyle, because im playing football, i live in a village than there is no air pollution
1)My favourite food is pizza.
2)I like hamburgers.
3)One or two days in a week.
4)I feel
5)No, I haven't
1My favourite food is ice cream
2 My favourite fastfood are chips and burger
3 I eat seldom in fastfood
4 I'm angry for mysefl , because fastfood are very caloric and unhealthy.
5 I think that my diet is not really halthy, but I try to chane it
6 I think that I have rather healthy lifestyle, because I exercise every day .