Hi ! My name is (imię) and I'm (wiek) years old. I like riding on the bike, playing football, and surfing in the internet. I've got one brother. I like cats and dogs. I have a fish. It is called "Rivia". I have short hair and green eyes. My parents are very nice.

Przykładwowy (mojego autorstwa) krótki opis. I tak naczcyciele nie zwracają uwagi na "poprawność" informacji.

Pozdrawiam, AmericanStyle ;]
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I'm (tu wpisz swoje imie).My mather is Ilona and father Zenon. I have got sioster and brother. I go to school number (numer szkoly do ktorej chodzisz). I like football and basketball. My hobby is dancing. I want to be a doctor.
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I am a xx (wpisz wiek) years old boy.
I am tall. I have blue eyes and dark blond hairs.
I like playing football and learning math. My favorite colour is blue.
My favorite animals are dogs.
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