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Teenagers Life.
In our times every young person have their own style. Everyone is different and we can see it on the street, just looking on young people in age 13-19. They all have different clothes on, they listen to their own favourite music and they do what they want, because they want to be orginal. But all is changing on days, nobody want to be for rear. They try to be on top with their newest trousers ect. Everyone can found music for him, in begining of sad music through the pop or hip-hop to the rock or something like that. Activities with young people are doing in present times aren't really healthy, beacause more and more persons want to play computers games etc. They don't want to move from house and that all couses fat or being sad, beacause sitting in the same place for longer isn't good for our frame of mind. We need move... sports or just help from time to time in house in duties. I think that we can find a people that loves sports, but more and more people didn't find that love.

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