Mam do napisania wypracowanie z angielskiego na minimum 150 słów.
Write a composition about the kind of holiday you realy like. Divide it into three paragraphs:
-Say what type of holiday you like and where you like to go.
-Talk about things you can do and see
-Explain why you like this kind of holiday

Minimum 150 wyrazów.



Hello, my name is Przemek and I am a farmer I'm twelve years. I live in Radzionkow in Poland. My farm is beautiful and there stands a large house and barn for a dog kennel. My house is big and white has two floors and ten windows. Barn with trees and has a very big doors.My dog in the kennel. My dog name?s Spiky. Spiky is very cool. He is black and very smart.
In my farm have two horses, sixteen lamb, four dogs, twenty chickens, ten ducks, fifty
sheep, eleven geese, three cows, one calf, four chicks, five pony, six goats.
Horses are black and brown. They are like run. Chickens is brown and white. Chicks is yellow. On farm is pond.There is swiming ducks. My cat name?s Filemon. He is white and lazy.
On my farm is garden.Garden it?s beautiful and green. There is apple tree, pear tree, plum tree and peach tree. Fruits delicious and sweet. Grow flowers: yellow, red, purple, blue, pink and white. Have got red tomato, green cucumbers and potatoes.
I have got car, tractor and implements: rake, spade, pithfork, hainsaw, hammer and ladder. I work in the farm every day. My friends visit my the farm every weekend. Sory za te znaki zapytania ale wystarczy wstawic tam ' i plz duzo pkt bo sie niezle namenczylem
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