Napisać wypracowanie my fitness club. Pytania pomocnicze:
-what's the name of your club and where is it?
-why is it the best? who goes there? (znani ludzie )
-what has the club got?
-how can people spend their time at the club?
-what specialists are there?
-how do people feel when they leave?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
MY favourite club id "Sport for everyone" which is located in Kraków near sezamkowa street. It's the best because there are a lot of rooms for excersizing and dancing and great personel of course. Whitney Houston goes there, Mikiey Mouse to. People in this club can learn dance, do excersizes and fitness. There are specialist for dancing etc. When somebody leave this club, he or she whants to go back as soon as he or she can. ;)
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My fitness club
My fitenss club names 'In Shape' came into being the 1st of July in 2007 year. Now it's the best fithess club in New Delhi. Every day wait for you near Barakhamba Road. In Shape has the newest apparatuses so you can work out and just be happy. Everyday lots of womens after pregnancy come here to fast back to their perfect silhouette. fitness club 'In Shape' choosing also Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. She told last time it's the best place to spending time after work . You can come here too. 'In Shape' waiting for you !
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