Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Tom,
I`m really sorry but I can`t go on a trip with you this weekend because i was ill.
I feel very weak and I`ve got a high temperature.
Why don`t we go next weekend if I feel OK?
See you,
Hi Josh !
I'm in Warsaw. I came here a week ago and I love this city. I was thinking I don't find here new friends. But when I was in school I met Jane, Lucy and Greg. They are amazing friends. Of corse you will always my best friend . When you will visit me in Warsaw ? I will show you Royal Palace. You have to see Palace of Culture and Science. And I hope you want meet my new friends.
Well, here is very late now, I going to sleep.
See ya !
Hi michal !
I write letter for weave for you Michal, because I is wanted to divide you survivals during your viewing famous on I at market that church accompany me make also finding . My eyes were directed entering to church on altar straight. beguile altar .Wielkość and amount of introduced stage has introduced me to admiration. On individual elements in looking they beauty. I thought must you what times hare preparation of this fine work. I felt work you in concentration observing as if figures. I desire to thank so fine work finishing my letter too. It beguile hope , many generations will admire it from . With words of estimates and admiration. David