At the year 2080 the lifestyle of average citizen is going to be better than today. People are going to work more, eat healthier, and be happier. Tehnology will provide many possibilities, to avoid toxines and stress.
Future transport will no more base on cars and trains. We will travel by 100% enviroment friendly machines on electricity, which we will recive in huge ammounts from the sun. Our water will be clean thanks to filters, and also thanks to lack of carbon power station. Thanks to healthy diets, which are going to be very popular, our mood will be very well every day, so we will avoid a lot of stress. Our computers will no more be harmful for our health, and they will be inteligent as well. But we wont become less inteligent because of them. They will do many tasks for us, but reading books and learning languages will be very popular, so we will be very smart. Also medicine will be much better, heart transplantation, will be daily routine.
In conclusion, at the year 2080 or lifes will be longer, better, healthier. People will be happier and smarter. Thanks to technology, our enviroment will be clean and human friendly.