Change into the passive.

A thief stole an important painting from the National Gallery yesterday. The gallery's security guard reported the robbery to the police at 7pm last night. The police have arrested a man who they are questioning at the moment. The police think he is the man resposible but they haven't found any proof as yet. The police gave no more information. They said they will carry out a full investigation. Galllery staff said the gallery will not open to the public this week.



A painitng fom National gallery has been stolen yesterday. The robbery has been reported to the police by semurity gaur at 7 pm last nght. the man had been arrested by the police. Thae man is questioning now. the man is thought to be responsible but any proofs hasn't been found yet. no more info had been given. The full investigation woud be carried. the gallery wouldn't be open this week
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