Musze napisac krótkie wypracowanie na angielski na temat jakiegos klubu własnego(wymyslonego) musi być wstep rozwiniecie i zakonczenie (musi sie znalezc nazwa klubu , co tam jest co tam ludzie robia i czy ludzie chetnie do tego przychodz pomocy pomóżcie do godziny 18,30 proszę na 100 słów



My poker club „Night raven” is located at New York. I attend here every day, to play and conversate with other members.
In my club, people can play cards, talk with each other and also eat something. We organise tournaments very often, but the prizes are low. We do it for fun generaly. Many of us are divorced, so we don’t feel lonely. Sometimes we are playing football, because poker can be boring if played to much. The member ticket is worth $5, and it is payed once by each member.
My poker club is small but members feel very happy here, this is the place, I want to spend every moment of my life.
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