Hi My name is Ania. I live in Warszawa. I 16 jahre alt. I like sport and dance. I have 2 cats.
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Hello. My name is Marcelina. I'm 14. I go to the second class school. I've got long, brown, straight hair, and light eyes.
I'm tall and high. I very like english language. My hobbies include cycling, swimming. in my free time I like to read books, especially adventure. i haven't got siblings , but i've got two dogs and cat.
my mum is teacher, my dad runs the company.
Hello. My name is Kamil. I am 16 years old. I live in (miejscowość) wich my dad, mom and (rodzenstwo, brathr/sister). I also have a (cat/dog). I like watching TV and play computer games. I often play football and sometimes basketball. In free time i am listening to music. My best band is Coldplay, I really like them. My favourite subject is Science and Art, but i dont really like going to school. I like have a day out really much. I can meet friends then.