Dear Ewa
This place is real fabulous!I`m in Marseilles, You know, it`s on south coast of France. Anywhere You`re looking, is water or sand. City, where we live is small but magnificent . We sleep all morning and go to pubs and discos in evenings. Every afternoon we go to the beach. Once, when we came back from water, I saw some boy sitting on my towel. We get acquainted. He is great! I have good fun here. I love discos and swimming and I love my new friends.
Hugs & kisses.
Hi kate,
I`m at the Polish seaside. I`m here with friends. Weather is beautiful. We go on the beach every day. In the evenings we go outto a disco.
Wish you were here with us.
Say hello to your parents.

See you soon.

Pozdrowienia z nad morza czarnego przesyła <twoje imię>
P.S Woda jest ciepła i bardzo za wami tęsknie:)
Greetings from over the sea of black send <your name>
P.S water is very warm and yearning for you:)

mam nadzieje że pomogłam:)