Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"bedome rich and famaus" - na pewno tak pisane??
have advertures - I had a lot amazing adventures.
write a book - I wrote two books which become bestsellers.
get maried - I got married with so handsome man.
fall in love - I was fall in love.
a criminal - I commited a lot of criminals.
guilty - I was guilty the murder.
a murder - I wasn't murder him!
to rob - I robbed it.
She became rich and famous 5 years ago.
Yesterday I had a lot of adventures in my school.
He wrote a book and now he is going to sell it.
We got married two years ago and we're still in love
She fell in love with James.
I saw a criminal when he was running into house.
I didn't feel guilty.
This murder was so terrible.
He robbed his friend lately.
RObert Kubica became rich and famous, because he is sportsman.
My Mother had a lots of adventures.
My friend wrote a book about our class one month ago.
2 yers ago I fell in love.
It was criminal event.
A robber was guilty.
A cat was murder .