Dear XYZ,
How are You?I'm sorry I haven't written for so long.I hope that with You all right.
I'm writting to You, becouse I changed my dwelling place.I hve been fired and I decided change my boring life.In the country is fresh and healtful air.My new neigbour are elderly married coumple.They are very helpful ane plesant.They have accepted us cordially.My life has benn chaged on better.I don't have to wake up early.I can rest hier, and I go on fishes.I would like to invite you on holiday.We will visit my neigbourhood.
Anyway,I have to finish now.Give my best wishes to the family
All the best

Hi Daniel,
I have just bought a new flat in the center of New York. I have 3 rooms and huge bathroom. Next week I will buy furnitures to the badroom. There is mess now, but it is normal, I will clean it this month, so I can invite you at october. I have made a gym from one of rooms, so I can take care of my shape now. There are many plants in other room, so I have to throw it away and I will keep my huge TV and computer here. Generaly I am satisfied.
White me soon
Your Sincerly, XYZ
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