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Use the prompts to say what Winnipeg used to be like and what it is like today.
*very few cars* *nice houses* *huge blocks of flats* *trees* *gardens* *clean air* *polluted air*

Przykład : There used to be very few cars in the streets. Today there are a lot of cars in the streets.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There used to be nice houses. Today there are dirty houses in the street.

There are used to be huge blocks of flats. Today there are the hugest blocks of flats.

There used to be a lot of trees. Today there aren't trees.

There used to be gardens behind the house. Today there is garage behind the house.

There used to be clean air. Today there isn't clean air, it is smog.

There used to be polluted air. Today there is a frozen air.
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